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CENTERS INC, THE 5664 SW 60TH AVE OCALA, FL 34474 Nov. 13, 2012
Based on record review and interview, the facility failed to they followed their own policies and procedures regarding the resolution of 1 out of 5 (#5 ) patients' grievances within a reasonable time frame..


1. Review of the Client Grievance Policy and procedure revealed it became effective 09/20/2005. Further review of this policy and procedure revealed the following:

I. Purpose: To provide a mechanism though which client's concerns and grievances with programs or staff may be fully explored and resolved in the best interest of all concerned. A secondary purpose is to provide Quality Improvement with a means to monitor any trends in client treatment that may require improvement or correction.

II. Policy: It is the policy of the Centers that services are provided in such a way as to respect and foster the client's sense of dignity, autonomy, positive self-regard, and involvement in his or her care. When client's, their family members and/or significant others experience dissatisfaction with any aspect of program services, including staff behavior, they shall have the opportunity to file a grievance.

III. Procedures:
B Formal grievances may also be initiated verbally, by telephone or in person. The staff person receiving such a grievance shall fill out the Grievance Report Form. In no way is filling out a written grievance form to be used as an obstruction to the client presenting a grievance.

2. Review of an Incident Report dated 10/01/2012 revealed that when the nurse phoned patient #5 to inform her of her urinalysis (ua) report, patient #5 while speaking to this nurse, the patient informed her that she was upset about the treatment she received from the facility, how they refused to give her medications to her and that it resulted in her having a Gran Mal seizure which resulted in a broken nose and a broken right upper extremity. She stated that she was treated poorly by the nurses on the 29th of September and that she was going to possibly seek legal action.

3. Documentation of the Summation of Investigation of Patient #5 revealed on 10/05/2012 the Risk Manager investigated a concern of the incident that occurred on 09/28/2012 voiced by Patient #5, and the conversation between the nurse and patient #5, complaining about her treatment was documented in this investigation. But there was not any stated outcome, or any reference that patient #5 had been notified by the Chairperson of the Clinical Committee that the committee and the Executive Director had reached a decision, or any resolution to her concerns.

4. Interview on 11/13/2012 at 2:30 PM with the Director of Acute Care Services revealed he stated "we should have a resolution to this grievance and investigation the grievance. It's not been resolved, since there has been no communication with the patient".